Learn how to master sampling with Jaisu

Danny Brown collaborator Jaisu shows us how it's done.

Jaisu's 2015 album A Long Player, released on Astral Black, was one of the most tragically slept-on albums of last year – a bedroom boom-bap dream that glides through sample after lush sample till you're fully immersed in its haze. Another milestone in the career of a producer that had already grabbed the attention of everyone from Danny Brown to Tony Yayo, both of whom hit up the young Scot for beats, it showcased an epic knowledge of the art of sampling – which is why we arranged to visit him at his Glasgow home for a glimpse into his process.

The message of the tutorial is clear: sampling isn't easy. It requires patience – the 13 minute clip here is cut down from hours of footage, shot across two days – and an ear for smart sounds just begging to be recycled and repurposed. But as you'll see, the pay-off is well, well worth it. Watch the video above.


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