About us


Loud Silence came to me one day in 2001 while I was bored in class back in high school. Mrs. Higginbotham told everyone to be quiet and for no one to speak out loud until class ended. It was the last class of the day and she probably had enough from students earlier in the day. Out of nowhere while scribbling on a piece of paper the name Loud Silence just popped up in my head. I wrote it down, not thinking much of it but the name would stick with me for years.

Fast forward to 2005 after attending and graduating from a music engineering school, I would buy clothing themed around musical designs to further express my love for music. Noticing that big retail stores or brands would only do a few musical inspired designs not one brand was solely based around this idea. Jokingly we would say how awesome it would be if we came out with a brand that music lovers would be proud of wearing to extend their passion for it.

The idea subsided for a while as I concentrated on making beats and working full time. It would come up from time to time but never really knew how or where to start. It was 2007 and I said what the hey let me do some research. Motivated to figure it out I spent much time and sleepless nights researching the in and outs of starting a clothing brand. Years went by but small details of what we wanted to come out with would surface. What would we call it, what will it stand for, what would our logo be?

We we're toying with names and F.A.M.E came up but it didn't stick. Then the very name that popped in my head all of a sudden back on that day in 2001 hit me like the bass at a concert...Loud Silence! We wanted the logo to represent musical the element we strived for. So with much thought, the silent face was created.

The motto for our line is “Make a statement with out saying a word” because sometimes silence is the loudest thing you could say!