My sources for compelling graphics

My sources for compelling graphics

Recently I had someone tell me that the graphics for the brand have been very good. It has definitely took me some time and resources to accomplish that. Here are some of those resources. 

One of the things I use for graphics is Adobe Photoshop. At one time I wouldn’t be able to afford this piece of powerful software. However, recently they made it so you can lease for $10/month.

Photoshop is something that took me years to understand and get good at. A lot of late nights and youtube videos. I hear Illustrator is better to use for graphics but Photoshop was more easily accessible. I can put elements together in photoshop with the knowledge of layers and masks.


The 2nd piece in my bag is Canva, a very powerful online resource for graphics. Canva solved the need for a full time graphic designer on your payroll. I still believe that you should have a talented designer on hand, but Canva is perfect for those social media posts, blog graphics, and quick presentations.

Canva is free to join and some of their elements can cost you $1/piece. Which to pay $1-$3 on a professional looking graphic is priceless. They now have an iPhone app which is something I was waiting for. You can start fresh with a blank canvas or start with their templates. 

The last resource I use is Word Swag. Corny name but definitely a powerful app for your phone. You can choose a picture background and add a saying or quote. These are perfect for Instagram posts.

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