Retro relics in today's music

Retro relics in today's music

Recently in a group thread my brother said "Mario you're stuck in the past with music, you never give new music a try". 

That statement is somewhat untrue, I do like new artists, new music, and even some top 40 songs...don't judge

There is a lot of garbage out right now, some of that is contributed to that fact that music is more accessible to make and distribute.

As a sample based producer that digs through any and every genre from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and come to a realization. Garbage music was always around, it just didn't survive the test of time like other timeless music. Oh, and it wasn't always original, there were tons of groups and artist copying each other's sound in hopes of cashing in.

Retro relics will always get recycled if they were good.

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