The magic of cookin’ with AI

“Stems changed my life”. Watch to find out more about why Cookin Soul says Stems in Serato Studio is the best thing that's happened to sampling since the MPCs, and how it’s changed his production game.

From the days of MySpace and the dream of making music with American rappers, to working with artists like The Game, Wiz Khalifa and Freddie Gibbs - Valencia, Spain’s Cookin Soul has been inspiring his global audience for years with his musical creativity and YouTube channel that boasts a treasure trove of music videos, mixtapes, beat making sessions and tutorials.

Get inspired by watching him make magic using Stems in Serato Studio.

“I'm literally able to blend every genre now like never before.” - DJ Khalil 

What began as a curiosity for making beats and a Casio sampler given to him by his mom, became a rich career of working with “bucket list” artists like Dr Dre, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, who he has just won the Grammy for Best Rap album with.

At the centre of DJ Khalil’s music making ecosystem is Serato Studio. Find out why Stems in Serato Studio 2.0 is opening up a whole new universe for him, and see how he uses Stems in Serato Studio to make a beat using samples from Regional Garland and Karl Hector.

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